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How Do You Like Your Cola? #POLL


We know it’s harmful, we know our dentist abhors them, and we know they’d rather be used as a toilet cleaner and/or cleaning acid. However, there is no stopping us from guzzling cans after PET bottles after glasses of soda. Especially, good ol’ basic cola (either of the two). We may have our preferences in the soda aisle but deep down we never really mind a tall glass of fizzy cola. There is something really amazing about the simple noir aerated beverage that will always keep us coming back no matter how many wings we get or thunders we taste.

That said, we do have our ways of guzzling this carbonated drink. Some of us like to crack open a cold one and top it with some extra ice, while a bunch of us love to garnish our drink with a slice of fresh lemon, and then there are many other ways. Which of these is your favourite, though? Vote and let us know how you like your cola!

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