How Do You Like Your Chai? #POLL

The hands of the clock divide the day up for an average human being, but for a hard-core desi (Indian), the activity that punctuates the day is our religious cups of tea, a.k.a. chai. It’s true; you can ask any tea-loving Indian! A warm cup of tea starts their day, carries them over from afternoon to evening, and maybe even breaks the monotony of the day at several hours. Basically, chai is vital and so are the different varieties that it can be made in.

It’s raining? Awesome, we’ll down some fritters and a steaming cup of cardamom tea; you’re feeling under the weather? Not a problem, drink up a tall mug of ginger tea; nursing a headache? Here, take some masala chai! So no matter what the question, chai is the answer for most of us! So, which of the following desi tea variations do you like the most?

Feature Image: Chai Wallahs of India