These Light Bulb Drinks Actually Light Up And It’s Magical!

We know. Hipster trends are out of control – whether it’s drinking out of a carrot or a light bulb. But wait, hold my light bulb because this Instagram trend has just been taken to the next level. In fact, these light bulb drinks actually glow!

Fret not, because these light bulb drinks aren’t actually attached to any sort of electrical appliance. You can imagine that would be pretty dangerous, especially if alcohol was involved. They’re just hollowed out light bulbs but with a flashing LED dropped inside. It’s similar to how Tokyo Disney and Hong Kong’s Disneyland Resort make their cotton candy light up, and it’s no less magical!

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You can witness the brilliance of these light bulb drinks by checking out #lightbulbsoda on Instagram. Apparently, these glow in the dark bulbs are insanely popular at festivals in Japan and quite frankly it’s not hard to see why! Honestly, it’s almost enough to make us book a one-way ticket to Japan ASAP.