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Liberty Tabletop Answers All Dining Etiquette Woes With This Handy Info Graphic


There are two methods of eating food. One is to dig in using your hands and get sauce upto your elbows and strewn across your clothes. That, of course, is a great way of eating and thoroughly enjoying your food when you’re at home. However, when you step out, some semblance of etiquette is required. After all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself, your partner or your colleagues, do you?

To many, learning dining etiquette can seem like an uphill task. Why are there seven spoons on your table? What do you do with your napkin once you get up? How do you make sure your waiter doesn’t whisk away your plate while you’re in the powder room? Some people spend massive amounts of money to attend finishing schools and etiquette classes so they don’t commit a dining no-no. We’ve got a simpler solution that won’t require you to fork over a fortune.

The good folks over at Liberty Tabletop put together an all-inclusive info graphic to show you how to navigate your cutlery. Liberty Tabletop is a company in the United States that creates exquisite, luxury flatware at competitive prices; so they do know their cutlery. Without further ado, here’s their work of art.


<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Formal Dining Etiquette Guide” width=”323″ height=”693″ border=”0″ /></a>

Do you feel more sorted? Then pick up the phone and make reservations at that fancy restaurant you were always intimidated by. You can handle it; we believe in you.