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Liam Kenny’s work of art- on a Starbucks Cup


Liam Kenny’s work of art is not your average cup of tea

Liverpool-based artist, Liam Kenny decided that his Caramel Frappuccino cup deserved much more. He decided to put  The Lord of the Rings- Middle earth, with all the detailing on it. He spent 5 glorious hours drawing every region in Tolkien’s fantasy continent- down to the tint with a tea bag.

But take a sip of this; after he was done, he gave it to the barista and walked off into the sunset. The barista, thank god, clicked and posted it on Imgur. It’s been viewed around 4,70,000 times-when we last checked. 

“I am the biggest fan of LOTR. I used to write Elvish in school books and mouth the films word-by-word as a kid. I’d never seen anything so detailed on a cup before and I wanted to be the first to do so,” said Kenny to Huffington Post.