Let’s Have A Chat Over Some Chaat In Chennai

Chennai || Feature : Chaat

Hey folks! Let’s get chatty! If you’re a chaat fan, there’s no doubt you’ve indulged in some spicy chaat all by yourself so many times. If you haven’t, you need some chat in your life so click here. One of India’s popular street foods and snacks, chaat is pretty much found in every city all over the country, by the road, outside stores, in stores (as dry ingredients), stalls, festivals, etc. Every community program, wedding, festival, or party isn’t complete in India without a chaat counter. And that’s not it. Sweet stores and restaurants have chaat too, and for the fancy ones, so do fine dining places! That pretty much says it all – chaat is everywhere and enjoyed by all. 

In our recent chaat video, we take a look at the various, and more popular chaat items that you find at a chaat stall in Chennai, capturing the making of these delectable dishes and their elements as they are being made. Some of our favourite chaat items include Channa Samosa, Dahi Samosa, Dahi Papadi, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, and Pani Puri. Do you love chaat? Tell us what your favourite item is! 


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