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Let’s Go Green With A Healthy 2-Ingredient Basil Detox!


Hey there, health freak. Are you on your way to a juice cleanse? We’ve got something great that you can add to your list. Here’s a two-ingredient detox drink made with the goodness of juicy apples and fresh basil. Juice cleanses are great when you’re looking to detox for the week, try something healthy, or lose a few pounds. The benefits of detox drinks are great and having them once in a while can do you good. Especially because of all the nutrients that go into your system. Detox drinks are 100% healthy and free of additives, added sugars, carbohydrates and fats. They leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. Although it may be hard to go sugarless, or the idea of greens in your drink is just not your thing, we’ve got to say that there’s nothing like a clean detox drink to kick start your day. Don’t mind the greens, they’re the ideal source of nutrition and your body will thank you for it.
To make this Basil Detox drink, you will need only two ingredients, basil and apples. Water can be used additionally while blending to make the juice drinking consistency. All you need to do is blend your ingredients together and drink it up. You will love the sweetness from the apples and the fresh flavour of the basil as they cool you down. To have your drink cold, add a few ice cubes while blending.
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