let’s do a little monkey dance!!


A gastro-pub that promises to be anything, but unusual. Chef Manu Chandra and Chetan Rampal decided to replicate their decade long experience in the F&B space to set up a new brand called Monkey Bar in 2012. Currently operating two outlets in Bangalore and two in Delhi , they have climbed the popularity charts like no other. You can literally monkey around this crazy themed restaurant which screams craziness.

This place is literally as crazy as a monkey, be it the food or the drinks, the decor or the ambiance. With the centerpiece as  a Lambretta scooter with painted red wheels, sitting on a large shelf, bare cemented walls, covered with a medley of quirky framed posters, concrete topped tables with brass pipping, crockery that goes out of its way to be mismatched, chandeliers with exposed bulbs and the faded glass windows, makes it evocative of New York. this place packs a cozy yet funky feel to it. The service is pretty quick and efficient, given that this place is almost crowded, most of the times. The staff is ever so smiling and suggestive, and on their heels to meet your needs.
The menu doesn’t stick to a particular cuisine and is a mismatch of various dishes. Here you will find galouti kebab sharing space with peri peri prawns, berry pulao with thai seafood curry, nimbu paani  listed alongside margaritas.  With such multitude of options available, you are in a fix as to what to order, so finally i decided to treat myself to breakfast and ordered their:
eggs benedict: fresh, soft yet crispy edged, english muffins with a slice of tender ham, perfectly cooked, gooey centered poached eggs, topped with buttery, creamy hollandaise…..garnished with shreds of spring onion… was the perfect start and the best eggs benedict i have had so far….the creaminess and richness of hollandaise and poached egg beautifully balanced by the fresh and tender muffin and ham…..tingled my senses…!!!
toast to france: since i was eating alone, i thought of ending my breakfast with the perfect, filling gluten induced french toast. It is basically challah soaked in milk, eggs, wine, cinnamon, orange zest, honey and vanilla. It is then pan fried to give it the golden sear on the outside yet the marinade keeps it soft, fluffy and moist from the inside, finished with a dusting of icing sugar, served with house syrup to drizzle over, in a very cute and tiny mug, makes it the perfect end to your morning breakfast, super filling, extremely tasty and oh so flavorsome, you just can’t have enough of it, each ingredient, be it the cinnamon or the orange zest, can be distinctively tasted in every bite, and the house syrup is the best i have ever had with the right amount of sweetness and  consistency!!
Absolutely in love with this gastro pub which not only serves you with the best food, but with some really appreciable cocktails and the perfect dash of fun disguised in the form of their decor, vibe and the little game arena….the prices are really reasonable and well worth the hype. and yes the burger here deserve a special mention since they are finely minced and then grilled over a wood fire to optimize flavor and juiciness.