Let The All New Oreo Churros Take Care Of Your Food Sins

As if churros weren’t drool-inducing enough, Kraft Foods felt the need of coming up with mind-blowing Oreo Churros. That’s right, your favorite cream-filled biscuit is now a churro. The Lords just heard all your prayers – to invent something that takes gluttony to another level. Because, twist, lick and dunk is too mainstream!


Déjà Oreo Vu

These dreamy snacks were first spotted at Disneyland and before that at a Las Vegas convention in 2014 with a creamy dip with a promise of soon being out in the market for purchase.

The ones we saw in 2014 – also known as Oreo Churro – had to be warmed and dipped into creme cups whereas the 2015 version is a different concept. The new Oreo Churros don’t need crème cups separately and come with ample stock pre-filled.oreo-churro-hed-2014


Grab A Pack!

The new cream-filled bite-sized snacks come boxed and frozen and ready to be prepared in minutes for quick homemade churros. “Aside from the take-home versions, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of the classic 10-inch churros at places like movie theaters and sporting venues”, says Foodbeast.

Not only are the Oreo Churros the closest you can get to making delectable churros on your own but also the creamiest ones ever.288899