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A Lesson in Jägermeister With Brand Ambassador, Nils Boese


Last week, Chennai was graced with the presence of Nils Boese, the brand ambassador for Jägermeister, and he taught a bar full of bartenders and alcohol enthusiasts at Pulse, Radisson Blu, Egmore just how much more you can really do with the magical brown potion that he endorses.

Nils Boese is a well-known bartender and has been mixing and creating and serving drinks for almost 25 years and he even has his own bar in Hildesheim, Germany which is close to Wolfenbüttel, the only place in the world where Jägermeister is produced. And for those looking to visit Manhattan (his bar), make sure that he’s in town because when he’s not there, the place is closed.

While Jägermeister is best served ice cold in a shot glass, Boese insists that there is so much more that you can do. It’s also recognized as a herbal spirit made from 56 different herbs, roots, fruits which includes star anise, cinnamon, ginger and much more.

Boese’s warm and fun personality filled up the room as he joked about various cocktails, and talked about what you can really do with his favourite alcohol. But that’s not all! During his masterclass, Boese demonstrated different cocktails that you can add Jägermeister to and still be able to retain the flavour. In a room full of bartenders, this masterclass was absolutely the perfect thing to do. Eager to learn more than just how to make and serve Jäger Bombs, everyone was ready to volunteer their mixing, shaking, stirring and drinking services.

On the menu were drinks like Pretty Amber (which had a splash of lavender that you can taste, but probably won’t be able to identify), a twist on the Old Fashioned which has Jack Daniels, butters, Triple Sec and Jäger, stirred in with orange peels. And, a tea-infused cocktail that is delicious and low on alcohol, despite what you might think.

Check out part of the session with Nils Boese below: