LeBron James’ Pizza Order Is Longer Than Our Grocery List!

You’d think that being a top-notch athlete like LeBron James would have its dietary limitations. But the basketball star trashed all such inhibitions by sharing a screenshot of his detailed pizza order on his Facebook page.

The NBA seems to have his cheeses and herbs straight and ordered a pizza with 16 topping on a high-rise dough finished off with an olive oil drizzle along with an entrée salad and a s’more pie! Damn, the man is slaying diet stereotypes like never before! The picture’s caption read:

“s/o to my Blaze Pizza fam, but don’t order while STARVING. #AddedThatSaladThough


Here’s the mighty order.

13882072_10154436127493944_6786210536562501585_nImage: Facebook, LeBron James


Feature Image: NBA