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Learn What Makes Gelato Different From Ice Cream


At the height of summer, stroll through every urban center, and you’re expected to pass faces covered deep in a creamy, frozen dessert. While the difference between ice cream and Gelato can be hard to tell from a distance, they are very distinct. 

Gelato and ice cream are often mistaken for the same sweet treat, but there is actually a distinctive feature between ice cream and Gelato. So, yeah, when you get to the roots, they are very different. 

The roots of ice cream and Gelato, the distinctions between them, and what makes it a healthy treat are discussed in this article.

Learn What Makes Gelato Different From Ice Cream
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While it is unclear who invented ice cream, it traces its earliest renderings back to ancient China. A combination of buffalo milk, flour, and ice was King Tang of Shang’s favorite dessert

Fruit, juice, or honey served over fresh mountain snow were later variations of the dessert. Ice cream developed and became a delicacy reserved for the wealthy to include dairy from cows and, ultimately, egg yolks. As it was called, ice cream graced Charles I and his guests’ dessert bowls in the 17th century. 

However, until the 19th century, ice cream became a popular dessert when technological developments in the dairy industry and refrigeration techniques enabled it to be manufactured and distributed cheaply and in large quantities by manufacturers. 

In the mid-19th century, the first ice cream machine was invented. Although there is some uncertainty about where it originated, Gelato was first made in Italy. Some assume it was created in Sicily for the first time, while others think it originated in Florence.

Now, What are the Specific Differences? 

The ice cream ingredients are first blended into a custard. It is churned at high velocity after the custard cools to ensure air traps and increase its bulk. At a cold temperature, ice cream is served to ensure that the scoops hold up. Ice cream is both smooth and creamy in its texture. 

On the other side, Gelato is made a little differently, but the Italian word for ice cream is its name. Gelato begins with a custard base that is similar to ice cream but has a higher amount of milk and a lower amount of cream and eggs. There are no eggs at all sometimes. 

With less air, it’s churned much slower, which results in a denser texture. Gelato is served at warmer temperatures and is much smoother and softer than ice cream compared to the final product.

The Difference in Process

Three key ingredients are exchanged between Gelato and ice cream: dairy, sugar, and air. The distinction lies in their proportions. Sugar and milk (milk, cream, or both) are combined, mixed uniformly, and pasteurized. After that, natural or artificial flavors are folded in. 

First, by churning the mix until freezing it, the air is added. The overrun calculates how much air during processing is applied to the ice cream or Gelato. 

Gelato has a low overrun rate, while ice cream has a high overrun quality. Ice cream, which folds in plenty of air, is churned quickly. Therefore, as it is made, its volume increases by a large percentage. 

Ice cream also packs more cream and more air than Gelato, which leads to high-fat content. Egg yolks are commonly used in ice cream, whereas Gelato is uncommon. Instead, more milk is widely used in Gelato.

What’s the Right One for You?

Ice cream will fulfill your needs if you want a warmer, firmer treat with a more buttery mouthfeel. If you want a more intense burst of taste and a lower-fat, silkier frozen treat, the way to go is Gelato. 

Whatever your choice, ice cream and Gelato, since they are filled with sugar and calories, should both be consumed in moderation. 

Consuming too many calories and added sugars, may raise the risk of developing disorders including heart disease, obesity, cavities, and diabetes. However, as part of a balanced diet, ice cream or Gelato can be enjoyed as an occasional treat.

Learn What Makes Gelato Different From Ice Cream
Image Source: Women’s Health


Ice cream and Gelato are both popular desserts that are frozen. While ice cream is airier and has a higher fat content, Gelato is smoother and flavor-packed. A lot of sugar is found in both, but Gelato is usually made with much less fat. 

When eaten regularly and in moderation, these may be part of a balanced diet. However, as with any high sugar food and rich in calories, it’s best to reduce your consumption for optimum health.