Game to Learn How to Cook Delicious Recipes – Learn How to Play on Mobile

World Chef is one of the best mobile games when it comes to cooking delicious recipes. 

Combining the duties of running a successful restaurant with many culinary delights, World Chef is one of those games that will make you hungry, too!

Let’s have a look at World Chef and how it can be played on mobile devices. 

Game to Learn How to Cook Delicious Recipes - Learn How to Play on Mobile

FEATURES of the Game

World Chef combines everything you can ever think of. Whether you are a big fan of burgers and fries, or you’d like to know more about exotic food, World Chef has it all and more. It is perhaps the most international cooking game you will ever find on the market. 

The recipes used in the game, along with the chefs, come from more than 20 different nationalities, thus providing an unmatched breadth of cooking skills. 

World Chef is the idyllic place in which waiters smile at you with warmth, the kitchen is always open, and the food looks so delicious that you might want to put a bib on

Another great feature of the game is that you can buy and trade fresh ingredients for all of your recipes, which offers the game an extra touch of reality. After that, you can also buy a dock and a boat that is used to import exotic ingredients for tasty recipes.

This means that the restaurant can soon develop to serve everything you can ever dream of: Thai noodle specialties, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Cantonese, and even American burgers

All of these and more are available to be served to hungry customers. You might even get some inspiration for today’s dinner!

Another great aspect is the graphics. Unlike many other games, World Chef does not compromise on the quality of the graphics. They are clearly designed, with so many details that help turn the experience in an extra-realistic one. There are so many details that the food will make you hungry as soon as you see it!

The World Chef game also offers a sense of achievement to its users. As the restaurant grows, it has a more personal touch to it, so you will be excited that your own place turned into a VIP’s favorite diner

All in all, World Chef is the masterful combination of cooking and running a restaurant in one, free-to-use, user-friendly app. You can even develop more recipes that you can then trade with other chefs. All details are so well thought out that it is impossible not to get addicted to this mobile game.  


World Chef is a free game. However, it does offer in-app purchases that you can have using real cash. However, this is optional. 

If the game will be played by kids, there is also the option in the “settings” tab to completely disable in-app purchases


You can download the game from Google Play or the Apple Store. The gameplay is quite smooth due to the insightful help received in-game. 

First, you will open your restaurant and name it as you wish. Then, you can decorate it. You can use limited items at first, but you will definitely find plenty of options to help shake things up. 

Next, you will start cooking world cuisines, keeping your customers happy with delicious, fast recipes. Your place will soon become popular, so you’ll have to expand it to keep up with the success. 

The menu can be expanded as you progress, too. There are endless options, but some of the most notable ones that make you drool over your phone might be the tacos, sushi, and pizza! This is a dream come true for any gourmand – a place where all world cuisines meet. 

Soon, you will find yourself serving VIP dinners or even catering for special events! This will teach you everything you need to know about running a successful restaurant, not just cooking delicious recipes.

Game to Learn How to Cook Delicious Recipes - Learn How to Play on Mobile


All in all, if you want to learn how to cook delicious recipes, World Chef is one of the top choices. It not only offers an immersive experience, but it combines recipes from more than 20 nationalities

This makes it interesting and a real heaven for any gourmand out there. Make sure you check it out!