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Ice Cream

Learn About the Origin of Neapolitan Ice Cream


Ice cream is one delicacy that appeals to both the young and the old. Even those bent on losing weight and keeping to a healthy regimen cheat sometimes with ice cream. 

If you love it like I do or more, then this article is for you. We are going to dig deeper on how Neapolitan ice cream came into existence. 

Isn’t it good to have some background info on your favorite delicacies so you can authoritatively talk about it as you indulge away? Read on to learn about the origins of Neapolitan ice cream.

Learn About the Origin of Neapolitan Ice Cream
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Neapolitan ice cream – also called Harlequin ice cream is composed of three flavors. They are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry that are arranged side by side without packaging in between them. 

It is said to have originated from Naples, Italy. It derives its flavor colors from the Italian flag. Green (almond or pistachio), Red (cherry or pink), and White (vanilla). It was named in late 19th century presumably as a reflection of its Naples Italian cuisine origins. 

The many Neapolitan immigrants who came to the United States are said to have introduced their expertise in frozen desserts. It first came to United States as Spumone in the 1870s. 

It had a variety of flavors and if the three were brought together, they formed a common denominator that resembles the Italian flag. Note that Neapolitan ice cream was the first of its kind to combine three flavors in one container.

How it Is Made

You need a Neapolitan box to make this ice cream the traditional way. You will need to fill it up with three layers of different flavored and colored ice creams. A water ice could also be used with the custards. These flavors could be vanilla, lemon, chocolate, or pistachio. 

Then you would shape the patent ice cave and let it set for about 1.5 to 2 hours. After it has set, then turn it out and cut into slices. Then arrange beautifully on a dish-paper, napkin or dish. Sometimes people put four or five flavors, though three sorts are the standard. 

Arrange it using this guide: vanilla cream first followed by cherry or raspberry or currant water, then chocolate or coffee water in the middle, then strawberry cream, and lastly, orange, lemon, or pineapple water to finish.


Overtime, this recipe has been adjusted to serve different tastes of people. For instance, some people use a brown bread, brandy flavored cream, a cream ice with any liqueur flavors and a couple of other bright colored water ices can make another agreeable mixture. 

Regardless of the combination, you’ll need either tea or coffee cream. Another option is using pistachio, banana cream and almond cream with cherry or strawberry water. 

Neapolitan Box  

Learn About the Origin of Neapolitan Ice Cream
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It has a Neapolitan ice spoon that is often used has a double use. The ice bowl is to put the mix into the bowl while the handle levels it – giving it shape. 

They come in different sizes and will make molds according to their size. Some Neapolitan boxes are made out of tin while others are pewter.


If you have a sweet tooth, then Neapolitan ice cream is a must have. Moreover it comes with different flavors in one which is economical compared to if you were to buy each flavor separately. 

If you are to make it at home, you can make a few adjustments like adding tea or coffee cream, depending on your taste. Moreover, the Neapolitan box makes it easy to put the recipe together.