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Learn About Foods That Fight Acne


There are a few reasons why someone would have acne. Most of the time, there is an underlying cause for one’s acne, such as insulin resistance, poor gut health or unbalanced hormones. These foods might not solve the problem, but they can certainly help in dealing with your acne.

1. Broccoli being a cruciferous veggie, can help to bind up excess estrogen in the body, that can potentially lead to acne.

2.Sauerkraut is a great source of probiotics and can directly help gut health.

3.Wild caught Salmon is a great source of omega 3 which aids in the healthy appearance of your skin overall.

4.Pumpkin Seeds are great too because they contain high amounts of zinc, which is known to fight acne.

5.Celery juice is great for overall gut health and stomach acid levels. It contains something called coumarins, which is known to enhance the activity of white blood cells.

6.One Raw Carrot a day and hemp bind and remove bad estrogens in the body that can result in acne.

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