Leading Seafood Brand, Cambay Tiger Wins Award

Cambay Tiger, India’s largest seafood brand has won the ‘most promising brand’ award at the Fourth Assocham SMEs Excellence Awards. Cambay Tiger is the flagship brand of WestCoast Group.

About Cambay Tiger

WestCoast Group was established in 1997. Cambay Tiger, its flagship brand is retailed in over 1000 stores in India and is exported to over 30 world markets; almost 7000 tons of shrimps are exported annually.


Products under the Cambay Tiger brand are Black Tiger Prawns, Silver Pomfret, Marinated Indian Salmon, Marinated Tilapia, Frozen Fish Fingers, Frozen Seer Fish as well as Mud Crabs and Tilapia which are caught only after an order for them is placed.

Cambay Tiger also recently launched the Cambay Tiger Sea Food Mart in Bandra and Lokhadnwala in Mumbai, where customers can chose their own live tilapia fish from a display tank.


The company has its own shrimp hatcheries, shrimp farms, fish farm and processing plants. It has played an important role in the support and development of shrimp farmers and has helped them with opening bank accounts, receiving PAN cards and filing tax returns.

The Award

At the Fourth Assocham SMEs Excellence Awards held in New Delhi, the director of West Coast Fine Foods received an award award for Cambay Tiger being named the ‘Most Promising Brand’.


It was selected out of 250 nominations based on parameters like marketing and product innovation, healthy and safety, suitability and social impact, customer satisfaction and market leadership.

Shivam Gupta, the director of WestCoast Foods received the award and said “the honourable jury selected Cambay Tiger based on the value we bring to the table in the form of brand value & recall and vertical integration, from farm to fork. It also looked at the innovation of bringing live fish to our customers from our own farms through inventive transportation solutions and giving our customers to pick & choose live fish from aquariums at our branded retail stores Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart. Our support towards the growth and development of shrimp farmers through venture capital farming and environmentally sound farming methods, have integrally led us to win the award.”