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Lazy Person’s Guide to Making Eggs In A Cup | Recipe


Yes, make your eggs in a cup!

I’m a lazy person. I like finding shortcuts and loop-holes to anything and everything I do. So obviously I’m going to look for an easy way to make my eggs. If you live in a hostel and are without a microwave, we apologise for this, but watch this space for recipes that you could make anywhere you go.

But if you have a microwave and cooking just seems like a chore and you can’t wait till you make enough money to hire someone to cook for you (or move back in with your folks), then this 2 minute recipe is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It takes exactly one ingredient and all you need is a cup and a microwave and a few minutes of your time. There are more elaborate methods and recipes where you can make an egg in a cup, but we’re going to give you the plain and simple version right now.

Check out the video and then go through the recipe below to fully understand how to solve your hunger pangs on a lazy day.

Egg In A Cup

What you need:

Eggs, as many as you wish to cook
A cup, depending on how many eggs you’re using, your cup needs to be bigger or smaller
Salt and pepper for taste


Break the egg into a cup
Using a pin or a cake tester, break the yolk of the egg (so that it doesn’t explode!)
Stick the cup in your microwave and depending on your settings, you might have to cook it for 30 seconds to 1 minute
Take it out and serve!