Lay Your Hands On The One And Only Blue Bun Burger In Mumbai

Lay Your Hands On The One And Only Blue Bun Burger In Mumbai

Burger enthusiasts will hunt down every nook and corner of the city to binge on these loaded, juicy treats. And why not, the joy of chomping down a luscious burger along with piping hot French fries is simply a joy beyond culinary bliss. So satiate your burger cravings at Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden and who knows you might just be in for a big surprise.

Paint The Town Blue

Get ready to enjoy juicy treats in the form of the blue bun burgers along with chilled beer at Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden in Mumbai. Keeping pace with the food trends which ranges from neon food to purple food and burgers of many colours, green, red, pink, white and what not; the beer place has done a sassy job in creating these blue bun burgers.

What makes it blue you ask? An all-natural ingredient Butterfly Pea flower is used to lend its colour to these gorgeous looking burgers. “We not only wanted to give the burger a different look, but also wanted to have some fun with the way the food was presented as compared to the typical food found at bars,” said Siddharth Parab, Head Chef at Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden.

Now for what’s inside these Instagram-able beauties. Firstly there’s the meaty option called the Hangover Chicken Burger also well known as the Sloppy Joe burger and this comes at a price of Rs.349. Vegetarians, don’t walk away, for the second option in the blue bun burger is the Vegetarian Burger with a luscious veg patty and drool worthy house sauce. The latter is priced at Rs. 299. So guys, now that you know about this amazing burger, why not give it a try?


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