Which Latest Oreo Creation Did You Like The Most? #POLL

Ever since 2016 neared its end, the creative cookie team at Oreo went bananas with creating new flavours. Starting from the apple pie flavored Oreo that came out in November to the latest Oreo filled Silk by Cadbury, there is no stopping these guys. And we must say, the cookie monster inside our tummy is very happy with the team’s creativity.

Apart from the aforementioned apple pie and Cadbury Silk variations, Oreo did foray into a bunch of other exciting creating as well. The chocolate-covered strawberry Oreo, which has come just in time – or maybe a wee bit early – for Valentine’s Day; the majorly comforting hot cocoa cookies that are simply a warm hug in every bite; and many more. So, which one of Oreo’s latest creations are you a fan of? Vote for your favourite below!

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