Lara Dutta Tells Us All About Her Food Habits As She Becomes An Advocate Of The Westin Wellness Movement

“I honestly believe you are what you eat,” said Lara Dutta on a Tuesday afternoon at the Westin Garden City in Mumbai, where she officially became the face of Westin’s Wellness Movement in India. The beautiful former Miss Universe and current Bollywood actress enlightened us about her commitment to wellness in all spheres of her life from fitness to food habits to sleep patterns. In doing so, it became sparkling clear as to why she was a brilliant choice to represent the Westin Wellness Movement.


What’s The Westin Wellness Movement?

The Westin Wellness Movement is an initiative undertaken by all Westin hotels across the globe, that displays a commitment in which “every element of your (the guest’s) stay is created to leave you feeling better than when you arrived.” These elements are incorporated in the Westin’s six pillars of well-being; Sleep Well, Play Well, Work Well, Move Well, Feel Well and Eat Well.


Last Tuesday, Dutta came on board as the face for the movement in India, and advocates a holistic approach to health and general well-being.

A Peek Into Dutta’s Food Habits

While Dutta spoke at length about her workout routine, along with revealing her favourite travel destinations (London and Dubai), we’re here to tell you what she had to say about food. Here’s a glimpse into Lara Dutta’s food fact file:

– She truly loves her food, having commented “I’m a huge foodie. I love and live to eat.”

– She eats two meals in the morning; one at 7:00 am and one at 9:00 am to help her metabolism.

– While she was training for the Miss India competition, she had a neat shot of pure lime juice each day, claiming that it helps balance out your system.

– When she’s working at Film City, she prefers to lunch at the Westin because of their healthy, wholesome fare.

– She’s a vegetarian.

– She’s a fan of goji berries and flax seeds.

– Her guilty pleasure is chocolate.

– She strongly believes that each individual must figure out what food habits work best for their systems.

– She’s appreciative of the SuperFoodsRx™ menu that Westin has pioneered saying “It’s a wonderful concept, adding super foods to the menu.”

What Puts The Super in SuperFoodsRx™?

 SuperFoodsRx™ are types of foods and food combinations that have been curated and cultivated by the Westin to be healthy, wholesome and completely irresistible. Foods on the menu are selected for being rich in antioxidants and low in calories; in a statement on the speciality foods the Westin comments “Created together with doctors and nutritionists, our SuperFoodsRx™ menu cultivates “food synergy,” the pairing of certain foods to increase their nutritional value, to give you the focused energy you need to meet the challenges of your day.


Brunching With Lara Dutta

After the official ceremony celebrating Dutta’s induction to the Westin Wellness Movement, we were invited to try some of the SuperFoodsRx™ ourselves, and we naturally gorged on delicious crisp coffee macarons, healthy granola bars and refreshing parfaits.


We then made our way over to the hotel’s beloved Italian restaurant, Prego for a late brunch. After filling our stomachs with fresh greens, cheese and fresh fish from the outdoor salad bar we feasted on tender gnocchi followed by a dark chocolate mousse; the perfect end to what had been a truly guilt free feast.

If you’re looking to eat healthy as a part of your holistic wellness routine, the foods available at the Westin are your best bet as they’ve been carefully selected for that very purpose. Who knows, you may even catch a glimpse of Dutta dining at Prego or fulfilling her Wellness duties!