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Lack of sleep could take your diet for a ride


Sleep less, eat CRAZY

All of us have those pre-big-day-sleepless-nights. The mind wants to dream of the big day while the body is saying, ‘Ain’t no one got time for that.’ We know, we know. But could that be affecting your regular diet? Could it be bringing you new cravings? Let’s find out. 

1. Coffee or nothing


“No sleep- need coffee.” We hear you, Garfield. But the ‘life’ that comes from coffee has been calculated to last for 4 hours. After which, ‘Hand me another mug, will you?’

2. Water, water, nowhere


The constant-coffee-drinking had to show somewhere; dehydration. Water doesn’t seem to quench- nor does that Cranberry-Apple Soda. 

3. Big Tubs of Chocolate Ice cream, for one


Emotional eating becomes a regular. Tantrums, depression and anxiety are part of the everyday grind. That XXXXL tub of Triple Chocolate Fudge sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

4. Give me the junk


Cheesy curls, Cheetos and Barbeque’d Pringles in your bag? Oh my, you had a rough night. High carb and calorie cravings are definitely on the list.

5. Wanting the BIG


Ever felt like three burritos are just not filling you up? Did they make the Chicken Bucket smaller? (always). Blame it on insomnia. Insomnia is known to make you feel hungry for larger portions of food.