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Kuvée Announces Smart Wine Bottle


Forget your smart phones and your wine apps, Kuvée’s latest innovation is a wine bottle with an internet connection and a refillable case that keeps your wine for up to 30 days. With a $6 million funding from General Catalyst, Founder Collective and others, Boston based winery startup announced their Smart Wine Bottle yesterday.

What does this smart bottle do?


The built-in touchscreen tells you the history of the wine and even suggests food pairings. That’s not all, it also gives you serving tips, wine recommendations and you and even reorder directly from the bottle.

What are the other features?


The device is slightly larger than a standard 750ml bottle and where the label should be there’s a full-colour LED touchscreen that gives you all the information. Like any ‘smart’ device, the bottle can be charged at a docking station. It’s technically a ‘smart sleeve’ that you can just slide over the aluminum refill canisters that come with the device. Top up the canister, unscrew the cap and slide the device over the canister and the screen lights up with all the information about the wine instantly.

The touchscreen works like your smart phone would, where once the canister is inserted, you can just scroll through the information on the screen and get everything you need about the wine you’re serving.

Where can you get it?

The product isn’t in the markets yet, but it will be this October. And even then, it will only be available  in California and Massachusetts, but they set up an Indiegogo page for pre-orders which were all sold out within in three hours! There are still quite a few perks that can be claimed and this will make the perfect gift for any and all wine connoisseurs in the world.