Krushers v/s McShake: Take Your Pick! #POLL

One is a KFC prodigy, while the other has been synonymous with delicious thick shakes for as long as we can remember. One is crunchy, slurpy, and so thick that it has a special – a wider – straw for it; and the other is simply a milkshake legend. And for precisely such conflicting reason, we could never pick between KFC’s Krushers and McDonald’s McShake. For those of you haven’t tried either (seriously?), or have tried just one of the above two beverages, here’s a little fast food recap.



The McShake was McDonald’s way of saying “and that’s how you do milkshakes”. The beverage was as delicious, thick, and creamy as it was revolutionary and a few decades down the line legendary. Available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavours, the McShake is happiness in a



The 21st century saw the fast food loving youth going bananas over a transparent plastic cup filled to the brim with a thick, milky, chocolaty, and crunchy beverage that tasted like a milkshake but didn’t’ quite feel like one. This was the era of KFC’s Krushers. All those rocky cookies, the crushed ice, and the mind-numbing variety left us panting for more, and we’re on our way right now to get a glass of Kookies ‘n Kream Krushers. Okay, bye.krushers


So now that you know both of the contenders well enough, vote for the one you’d rather have!

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