Krispy Kreme Is Releasing A New Glazed Flavor, But Only For A Week

ICYMI, earlier this year Krispy Kreme had a poll going to decide their newest glaze flavor. Customers were asked to choose between blueberry, maple, caramel, or lemon, with lemon going on to claim the #VoteForGlaze crown. However, those of you that voted for the blueberry glaze will finally have a chance to see it in stores soon as Krispy Kreme is releasing it next week!

However, there is a catch, the blueberry glazed doughnuts will only be available from the 21st of May to the 27th of May so you better pencil it into your schedules if you don’t want to miss out on a new glaze!

Brittany Dubin, Culinary Innovation Lead at the company, said in a press release,”When we looked at how America voted, other flavors received a lot of support and blueberry stood out as a unique and exciting culinary challenge that inspired my team,” she said.

Check out the participating outlets in US and Canada here and let us know which glazed flavor is your absolute favorite!