10 Best Places for Kothu Parotta In Bangalore


Kothu Parotta is a simple dish made from cut up and shredded parottas, mixed with egg, meat and onions, tomatoes and served with a raita dish or a spicy sauce. Kothu Parotta comes in various varieties and sometimes just vegetarian as well. Given that Bangalore has a large vegetarian population, this is an easy dish to make in large amounts and keep for a day or two.

Often kothu parotta is made from leftover parotta which is then cut up into tiny pieces and mixed with the meat and/or eggs, vegetables and other spices in a wok and then served. It’s a popular roadside stall dish and easy to make, serve and eat. If you’re not from this part of the world and you do come to visit Bangalore, here’s where you can find delicious kothu parotta options in the city.