Kolhapur Conquers All Foodies At JW Marriott Pune

Kolhapur cuisine is the perfect blend of spices and tantalizing aromas, which has the ability to transport you away into a different world.  In collaboration with Padma restaurant, an iconic restaurant run by the Ingles from Kolhapur for over seven decades, Spice Kitchen, JW Marriott Pune, is going the extra mile to deliver gastronomical delights that will send your taste buds to heaven indeed!

The Ingle family is a well-known, respected and a trusted name in Kolhapur for close to a century.  Today, though they have business interests in cinema, eateries, holiday resorts, they started Padma Guest house in 1947 to commemorate India’s Independence.  Padma is synonymous with wholesome and genuine Kolhapuri food. The Ingles are pioneers of the famed non-vegetarian thali that includes delicacies such as ‘Kolhapuri Tambda’ and ‘Pandhra Rassa’. These have been Padma’s signature fare along with the ‘Mutton Lonche’. Some long forgotten, but treasured heritage recipes handed on from generation to generation, have found their way back onto the menu too, due to the family’s commitment to ensure continuity of gastronomic delights. The food at Padma is free of all additives with purity, taste and right flavors being the focus because for the Ingles ‘food is passion’. The restaurant continues to remain popular, because it’s authentic Kolhapuri cuisine, and has remained unchanged for over seventy years.

Padmas’s authenticity and traditional essence is what Spice Kitchen promises to deliver during this 10 day extravagant festival. One can indulge in an extravagant spread of Solkhadi, Taak (Buttermilk), Tambda rassa,Pandhra rassa,Puran poli, Kohlipuri Lamb and much more. The sumptuous use of typical kolhapuri homemade masalas (spices mixture), and onion garlic chutney add a piquant aroma and taste to Kolhapuri cuisine that makes it everybody’s favorite!

Rev the heat up this summer with your family and friends at Spice Kitchen. Delve into a wheel of one delight after another at the Kolhapuri food festival only at JW Marriott Pune.

Venue: Spice Kitchen, JW Marriott Pune
Date:  12th- 21st April 2019
Time: 7:00PM – 11:30 PM
Price: INR 1600++