Kode Launches A Luscious New Menu As It Completes One Year In Mumbai

Kode Launches A Luscious New Menu As It Completes One Year In Mumbai

The first year is always special and Kode has built a reputation for itself in Mumbai in this short time. To celebrate the anniversary, the restaurant has launched a sumptuous new menu that is sure to tantalize your taste buds as you delve into choicest of dishes. So head to Kode soon and dig in!

Relishing The Old And The New

Though the restaurant has brought in a bucket load of new dishes, it has maintained the favourites like Goat Cheese Churros, Kale and Pine Nut Salad, Shitake and Greens Quesadillas, Corn Curd and Asparagus Tempura, Sesame Duck Tacos, Manchego and Truffle Oil Pide, Black Forest and more. The inventions in the new menu by Chef Momin Faqi, Brand Chef at Kode, have been inspired from around the globe and suit the freestyle cuisine at Kode.

Start with scrumptious soups and salads like Chicken Soup, quail egg, glass noodle nest; Roasted Beetroot & onion soup, brie fritter; Tabouleh, watermelon with Black olive labneh and Couscous, endive & goji berries, freeze dried goat cheese.

Savour delectable new small plates at Kode like Vietnamese Spring Rolls,goma sauce; Red beans, corn tostadas with sour cream; Gruyere and Fresh Jalapeno & pop, cilantro coulis and Creamy polenta stuffed morels, hot sphere for the vegetarians. The meat lovers can relish the Asparagus, & Gruyère quiche and Gorgonzola stuffed Chicken wings, Roast Pulled ribs burger, artisan sesame bun and the Sichuan Soft shell crab burger and the signature Turkish Pizza.

The mains sound so good you’ll wish they appear right in front of you as your read them. The new additions are Tofu & edamame Thai curry, jasmine rice and haricot beans &  pimento paella, baked garlic in vegetarian and Chipotle grilled chicken burrito bowl; Lamb ossobucco, Yorkshire pudding; Duck confit, roasted root vegetable, spicy date jus; Seafood ramen, sambal calamari prawn, seafood broth and Honey glazed lemon Chicken and Asian chilli crab, basil rice.

Brace yourselves for their new, innovative desserts – Scrambled egg ice-cream, sunny side-up on French toast; Graveyard Hell Baked Alaska, Chocolate Sand and Caramel chocolate lava, Blue cheese ice-cream. A luxury dining experience that is sure to be elevated with an all new menu at Kode. We’re definitely reserving ourselves a table, are you?