Kochi Multiplexes Penalized For Not Selling Food & Drinks By Weight

Popular multiples theaters in Edappally Kochi are paying the price for ignoring the metric system. The two halls, situated in Oberon Mall and Centre Square on MG Road, are being charged INR 10,000 each by The Legal Metrology Department for selling foods and drinks without mentioning the respective item’s volume and weight as per law.

The lawsuit talks about popcorn and soft drinks, which are usually categorized as small, medium and large. The situation was brought under the spotlight when a number of customers raised their voice against the illicit practices, following which an inspection was conducted by department officials.PopCorn Rosemary-Infused Oil Recipe

“As per the Legal Metrology Act 2009, all products should be sold in standard units as prescribed by law. Beverages and drinking water should be sold in volume and eatables by weight. This will enable the customers to compare the prices of these products with those sold in other shops.

“Since they billed the customers based on the size of the containers, they won’t be able to know how much they have bought. In this scenario, it is difficult to make claims by the customers against the retailers,” said R Rammohan, deputy collector, central zone, legal metrology department.

“A litre of bottled drinking water is sold in these theatres for Rs 40 and 50. This same product of the same manufacturer is available for just Rs 20 from shops outside. Manufacturers are providing products with higher MRP printed on them to bypass regulations. The department can only act if the products are charged over and above the MRP,” added C Shamon, assistant controller, legal metrology department, Ernakulam.Water FEatured

The owners of these theatres have to pay the fine under Sections 10 and 11 of the Legal Metrology Act. In case a theatre is owned by more than one individual, then each co-owner will have to cough up 10 grands.


Source: Economic Times