Did You Know There Is An Equally Horrid Clinton Cake Out There?

Turns out the two Presidential candidates fought it out even at the bakery that put together Trump’s “victory” cake that redefined horror. Because there is not one, but two baked horror stories. Baker Melissa Alt, who was the baker behind the Trump and Clinton cake told People, “A client had ordered a Hillary Clinton cake for their private party, and we decided to make a Donald Trump to go along with it — the epic duo.”

While the Trump cook looked anything but victorious, we now know what put the fear on its face and in those blue fondant eyes – the Clinton Cake.

For real, the cakes could have totally earned a spot as props in Jaume Collet-Serra’s 2005 thriller House Of Wax. And no offence to the baker (okay, maybe a little), but if the Trump cake was horrid, the Clinton cake is, well, a nightmare. Although, the baker did get Hilary’s locks right. But why is it staring at me?! The cake, I mean.

Needless to say, the Clinton cake couldn’t fulfil its dues. Or so we hope. For both the cakes. *Says silent prayer*

Oh and, did you know that the Trump cake already got its own Twitter account? Have a look!


The Internet is one crazy space.


Feature Image: Twitter | Alex Mierjeski


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