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Did You Know This Was The Correct Way To Use Citrus Juicers? #POLL


Have you ever done something a certain way all your life and then suddenly find out that all your life you’ve lived a lie? Like the time you thought the samosa was Indian, or that time you thought you knew your coffee well, or even up till today when you thought spaghetti didn’t have a singular form? Yes well that list may just get longer because you’ve squeezed lemons all wrong your whole life.

That’s right, that citrus juicer in your kitchen drawer is used in a whole different way than slicing the lemon in half and juicing it out. An observation that was brought under the public light by Twitter user @FreddyAmazin, further propagated by Buzzfeed. The tweet described how Freddy – along with the rest of us – has been juicing his lemons wrong all along. “So I’ve been doing this wrong my entire life…it’s all been a lie…feeling bamboozled…who am i”, he tweeted.

But much to our relief, he did explain the right way of doing it: slice the lemon in half and follow up by slicing off an addition portion off the tip as well and then squeeze out the juice. Yeah, we know. Mind has been blown! And he even has a pictorial representation of the same. Take a look.

Did you know this method of juicing lemons? We definitely didn’t, so vote below and let us know!

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Feature Image: Business Insider

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