Kitchen In Ulhasnagar Near Mumbai Sells Thalis For Just Rs.10

Kitchen In Ulhasnagar Near Mumbai Sells Thalis For Just Rs.10

Making thalis affordable, Team Omie Kalani (TOK) of Ulhasnagar, accessible via the Central Railways in Mumbai, sells thalis for just Rs.10 reports Times of India. The thali is made up of three rotis, one sabzi, a bowl of daal and accompaniments like onion and pickle. Aiming to open 15 more such kitchen, the organisation has currently started one up on Tuesday.

Thali At Rs.10

The first such kitchen was inaugurated by Ravindra Chavan, state minister and Pancham Kalani, the mayor. Those wanting to try the thali can visit the kitchen at Shahad Phatak area in Ulhasnagar. Adding to this, the responsibility of running the kitchen has been given to a women’s’ group thus contributing to their employment.

“Through this scheme, not only the common man, but also women self-help groups will benefit. We will give profit of Rs 2 per food packet to the women groups that will run the stalls,” said Omie Kalani, the man who runs TOK while speaking to the Times of India. The initiative is the brainchild of Shivaji Ragade who told the publication that the kitchens will come up at places and junctions where the working class can make the most of it.