Kit Kat Has Launched a Special Gift Box in Australia For The Lunar New Year

Kit Kat is one of the few brands that experiments with interesting – and sometimes really strange – flavours and ideas. And now they’ve got something a little more interesting than what they usually do. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, they’ve decided to take over the market in Australia with a gift set that is available at the Melbourne Chocolatory store from January 19th onwards.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by various Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea at a time when families are together and gifts are exchanged, like almost any celebration across the world.


Last year, for this very same celebration, Kit Kat introduced a 24-karat gold Kit Kat which had everyone around the world going a little crazy, wanting to get their hands on this wonderful creation. This year, however, there is no gold chocolate. They’ve instead got a gift box that has special edition flavours that are going to blow your mind and confuse your palate – Red Bean & Toasted Coconut and Citrus Creme Brûlée.

Kit Kat will only release 500 boxes, with eight individually wrapped single pieces encased in a “bespoke bamboo box”. And the gift isn’t cheap either, you can get the entire box for A $68 (US $50), which is as good as buying yourself the gold Kit Kat. But you can also get the individual bars for A $6 (US $4.50)

If it wasn’t obvious yet, this box is only available in Australia.