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Kingfisher’s Launches KFit A Smart Band To Control Your Drinking


We all have that one friend who insists that he or she isn’t drunk even though they are properly sozzled. No one wants to be the one to cut them off or (god forbid) tell them they’re over their limit. Luckily Kingfisher has got a bit of a solution to your problems.

Introducing the KFit, a smart band that alerts beer consumers when they tend to go beyond their capacity. Year of tests and consumer studies have alerted Kingfisher to the optimum amount of booze one should consume.

The KFit band comes with a first of its kind alco-sense technology. It analyzes sweat content and body temperature that helps in accurately determining the blood alcohol content (BAC). Once the BAC reaches your personal limit, you get an instant alert from the KFit. The interesting part of this alert is that you can customize it and have a loved one record it for you so that you actually listen to it just the way they’d say it.

Watch the video below to get all the technical deets and sign up here to get your KFit!

PSYCHE! April Fools!


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