What Kind Of Sushi To Do You Like? #POLL

Appreciating sushi does not come easily to many – you either love it or hate it, there is no in between at the sushi bar. And those who do like the Japanese fish delicacy are rather picky about what and how they eat. Some like it a little pungent and wasabi-heavy while some prefer gobbling up a classic tuna roll as is. But in addition to the number of ways in which it can be eaten, there are also many varieties of sushi to pick from. From a seaweed-wrapped maki roll to a fish-topped nigiri, we all have our favorites. Here’s a quick recap of Sushi 101, courtesy Delishably.

What Kind Of Sushi To Do You Like? #POLLSource 

So, if you had to pick, which of the above-mentioned sushi variants would make it to your platter? Vote and let us know!

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