What Kind Of Pasta Do You Love? #POLL

And no, we don’t mean ‘creepy pasta’ or even ‘aakhri pasta’ (sorry, that was a really bad one), but in fact what kind of pasta do you like? Penne, ravioli, spaghetti, and the likes. The Italians have given us a long list when it comes to picking out pasta. Right from noodle and flat noodles, to stuffed and sheet pasta, there is a kind that’s for pretty much everyone.

In case you refer to your favorite pasta by their shape (like the bow, shell, pipe, spiral, and other such names), you need a quick recap of all pasta names before all else. Here is a handy chart of all the kinds of pasta to help you order better the next time.

pasta-types-rigatoniImage: Fine Dining Lovers

No, arabiatta is not a kind of pasta. Sorry to burst that bubble.

Moving on, now that you have a fair idea of pasta names and know that your favorite pasta is not called a bow pasta but in fact has a rather fancy name (farfalle), why don’t the rest of us pick and vote for our favorites!

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P.S. We know there are more pasta types out there but for the sake of your patience we’ve included just the major categories of pasta. But if you do pride yourself with an expert pasta knowledge, test yourself with this pasta quiz here!

Feature Image: The Culinary Cook