January 12, 2018

What Kind Of Fish Is Your Sole-Mate? #POLL

Having a love deeper than the ocean (no pun intended) for the piscine family comes with a pre-requisite knowledge of not just anti-allergens (kidding!) but also the members of the fish family like sardines, catfish, salmon, tuna, sole, bass, cod, and the likes.

The need to know your fish arises because not only does every different fish have a separate role in the kitchen, but all taste different as well. For example, the Japanese with slap you if you offer them cod or bass to roll up some sushi, and similarly the Indians will ban (ahem) you if you ever cook maacher jhol using anything but rohu, while the English will consider nothing less than freshwater cod for their batter-fried fish and chips. You get the drift.

That said, everyone has a favourite type of fish. Some may like to devour a gorgeously smoked salmon, while some like their sardines “fresh” out of the tin. Which category do you fall in? Vote and let us know!

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