What Kind Of Dal Makes You Reach Out For Another Helping? #POLL

Pulses have a way of becoming downright awesome in the Indian kitchen. Whether it is the way that the dal is cooked or the ingredients with which it is cooked that make the Indian dal so luscious, we can’t say. Or maybe it’s both! Maybe it’s the ghee that goes in with the dal fry or probably the slab of butter and malai (fresh cream) that top the dal makhani, we’re not sure.

One thing is for sure, though. Having tasted even a morsel of Indian food, you must have dipped some bread or smeared your thali with some kind of lentil a.k.a., dal. And the best part is that no two dals are the same! For example, the dal that you get at home will be very different from the zesty amti that Marathi kitchens roll out, or the decadent chholar dal that Bengalis relish. Right from tur to moong to urad, there is a mind-blowing recipe for each kind of pulse. Which one do you relish the most? Vote for it below!

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