What Kind Of Coffee Gets Your Day Started? #POLL

What’s a morning without any coffee? Incomplete. Torture. Wrong. Not only is coffee an amazingly delicious beverage, but also the caffeine sure is one of the best things to happen to mankind. At least the chunk of mankind that needs to start its day early.

Another awesome quality about the drink is the fact that it can be tweaked and made in so many delicious ways to suit every palate. Right from an espresso to a flat white – there is one for every kind of morning palate. Which one do you like the best? Is it a strong double shot or a foamy cappuccino?

But first, know your coffee before you vote for it! Refer to this infographic to fuel your knowledge with some caffeine! As they say, the more you know!

types of coffeeImage: ramadaan.co.za

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Feature Image: askmen.com