What Kind Of Biryani Is Your Favourite? #POLL

Biryani is known, loved and eaten widely across the world, especially in South Asia, because of its unique blend of rice, spices, and meat/vegetables. And of course, the way it is slow-cooked just adds to the charm of this exotic rice dish. But did you know that there exist various different types of biryanis in India itself, and if you really set out to pick out your favourite, you’re going to have a really tough time.

Although that said, we’d like to believe that you do have a favourite when it comes to biryani because each biryani is different than the other. And while the exact origin of the biryani is unknown, Indian has a ton of variations to offer. From the rich Nizami variant from Hyderabad and luscious Awadhi version from Lucknow to the spicy biryanis found along the Western coast of the country, there is a lot to choose from. So, which of the following is your favourite?

Feature Image: Maunika Gowardhan