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Kim Kardashian’s Latest Diet Has Shaken Up Social Media


We’re shook. In every sense of the word. Why? Because, Kim Kardashian West! Here we are still recovering from all the holiday food (by indulging in some post-holiday food) and Kardashian is already in the second week of her diet to help shed the holiday weight! It’s just not fair.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star took Instagram by storm yesterday when she posted a picture of herself in a kitchen, clad in all whites (and not the kind of whites one usually wears in the culinary space). “Little update for you guys. I’m on Day 9 of my Shake It Baby program from @flattummyco and I’m actually feeling so good”, the 37-year-old wrote about the diet that she’s currently following.


About The Diet

So, what is this “Shake It Baby” program? And how will it help you get back in the right shape? The program takes followers through a de-bloat, cleanse, and weight loss regime with its specially crafted shakes and teas. According to the Flat Tummy Co. website, “Each Flat Tummy Co. product has been specifically designed to give you that extra kick where you need it the most.

“Whether you’re trying to cleanse and de-bloat your system, or move some of those stubborn lbs, we’ve got what you need to get you (and your tummy) back on track”, it adds. The program further claims to boost energy, support metabolism, and improve digestion while cleansing your system.

Now, we haven’t tried the program for ourselves, but looking at Kardashian, we might have to re-think a bit.

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