Killer Craft Cocktails, Speakeasy Vibes, & Mouth-Watering Munchies The Old Fashioned Bar Has Got It All

Bengaluru has its fair share of microbreweries, and is pretty well known for its craft beer culture. However, the Ooru is also home to a burgeoning battalion of bartenders who have revived our love for craft cocktails, and no one does it better than The Old Fashioned Bar, run by ace mixologist Balakrishnan S, and home to 10 variants of the Old Fashioned cocktail (so much win).

We started our trek into cocktail country with the Gin Basil Smash and boy did it deliver! The lovely fragrance of basil came through, and the sweetness of the cocktail was balanced by the hit of lime – a smash hit! We knew that the drinks would be on point, so we couldn’t wait to try the munchies! The first dish we tried was a non-vegetarian version of peanut masala (how has no one thought of this before) with the peanuts substituted with chicken that went brilliantly with our gorgeous cocktail.

Another starter we enjoyed was the Tangra Fried Eggs, the hit of spice from the Indo-Chinese flavors was mouth-watering, and we gobbled down a number of the batter-fried eggs in quick succession! Next, we moved on to the Breakfast Old Fashioned that came with a strip of crispy-fried bacon as garnish, but that isn’t where the breakfast flavors end. The Breakfast Old Fashioned also contains bacon fat-washed whiskey (yes, it’s as good as it sounds) with the classic bitters (Angostura, of course) – we definitely recommend trying this one!

We munched on the Old Fashioned Wings with a whisky glaze and a hint of Angostura bitters which added a bit of a twist to the classic American bar snack. The next cocktail on the menu was the Sea and Salt, one of The Old Fashioned Bar’s ‘Creative Expressions’, a savory cocktail that managed to perfectly marry the flavors of salt, tequila, turmeric and egg white that looked reminiscent of the sea spray at the beach.

For our main, we tried the B se Bannur, grilled lamb chops (perfectly done) marinaded in a flavorful spicy marinade of mint, garlic, and rosemary (classic stuff) served with some mint jus and mashed potatoes. We ended our meal with the Prohibition ‘Era’ dessert along with a Tiramisu Old Fashioned (so, really two desserts) the dark chocolate mousse cake went gorgeously with the coffee and cream flavors of the Tiramisu Old Fashioned which tasted brilliant thanks to the homemade bitters used in the cocktail – the best way to wrap things up.

If you’re partial to some good homemade bitters, enjoy a good cocktail to wind down with, and can’t resist a whisky glaze on your wings then head to The Old Fashioned Bar – where they’re making cocktails great again!