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How to kill a Hangover in 6 simple ways


Have you had a very ‘merry’ Christmas?

“Last night was just too merry to handle. This morning that mug of de-caf just didn’t wake me up. That cab just wouldn’t stop for me. Breakfast on-the-go just didn’t say the right things. People on the phone just talk too loud. ”

You, my fellow foodie, are suffering from the very common, Holiday Hangover. 

Thankfully, we make you merry, but we can bring back the normal too. Take in this list and you should be on the road to normal real quick. 

1. Eggs will take it home!

 Hearty Breakfast

Eggs contain cysteine, an amino-acid that helps break down those toxins, that caused the hangover. It can also help you with that dry mouth-dry eye thing you’ve got going on. 

2. To make you go Bananas


Bananas contain a high level of potassium- generally low in your system from using the bathroom so often last night.

3. Coconut Water Electrolyte Boost

bigstock_Green_coconut_with_water_splas_15039089 smaller

Tender Coconut water, high in electrolytes, takes care of that dehydration in a jiffy.

4. Tea Time


Ginger tea in the morning will keep your stomach happy. That nausea will walk away once it sees the ginger. 

5. Honey, I feel great


Honey on toast or a cracker (before or) after drinking could take away that annoying headache. 

6. Tomato, Tomato


Tomatoes are full of Vitamin C. This helps the liver process alcohol better.