Kids Were More Willing Than Adults To Eat Bugs At Brooklyn Bug Festival

Brooklyn Bugs has organised a bug festival recently and many elementary children showed interest and actually enjoyed eating bugs. As reported by NPR, a student Holly ate a cricket and smiled saying, “It’s good!”

David George Gordon , author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, told NPR, “adults are skeptical [about eating bugs], kids are so receptive to trying them. Events like this are a great way to engage their parents.” Bugs are a great source protein and are consumed by 80% of the world’s population.

“We can build a sustainable, unique and expansive gastronomy,” said One Hop Kitchen’s co-founder, Lee Cadesky, as she talked to a festival group of businessmen and farmers who work with edible insects. There is a study which was published in 2013 in a Spain college that shows the children have a deeper concern for the environmental rules than those at school.

The bug festival developer Yoon, told NPR that getting kids and their parents to try eating insects has been a huge success. He said joking, “I guess they caught the bug!”