Kids Beat Dwayne Johnson When It Comes To Consuming Calories On Halloween

So kids just went trick-o-treating and the highest annual consumption of candies coincided with that (read, Halloween). Candies call for tons of sugars, which calls for a colossal amount of calories. This comparison will give you a better idea of the sugary sins committed on Saturday night.


Fun Fact.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson consumes 10 pounds (~5kg) of food everyday. So how does The Rock manage to maintain his real life He-Man physique?

The human bulldozer eats the right foods. And by right we mean healthy grubs that incorporate clean and nutritional paraphernalia like cod, rice and other chows that don’t get as much as a second glance by us in the supermarket. Add to that min numbing amounts of workout and rigorous exercise and you’ve (almost) got The Rock’s health regime.5588804_orig


Kids v/s The Rock

Come Halloween and kids will beat The Rock at downing calories. Going by the numbers, an average kid downs around 5000-7000 calories on every Halloween. Here’s why that a scarily alarming number.shutterstock_38666134

The above 10 pounds of food renders into around 5,165 calories. That is a lot of calories. To give you a better perspective of Johnson’s consumption capacity, the average American consumes 3770 calories (sans the healthy eats).

In a chocolate-coated nutshell, Halloween brings about candy bards that pile up on the calorie chart. But how can a kid possible eat that much? A regular candy bar is 90-100 calories and eating 10 candy bars on Halloween doesn’t seem much of a feat does it? And these are just the ‘regular’ candies. We’ll leave the guesswork for the enormous bars of chocolates to you.Trick Or Treat Halloween Bucket