Kick Back At Gurgaon’s Latest Hangout Spot Chef’s World

With a rising number of offices and an ever mushrooming young corporate crowd budding, it is safe to say that Gurgaon has become the hotspot for cafés, microbreweries, pubs, takeaways, health-focused eateries, and almost every form of business model the hospitality industry has to offer. Adding to the multitude of eating options in the city is Chef’s World.

Sitting at a sunny corner of Sector 47’s AVA Court, the restaurant promises to take you on a culinary journey across the world. Here’s a quick look at the latest addition to Gurgaon’s food space.

Owned by Gurgaon-based Sky Blue FnB Group, Chef’s World packs a fun and upbeat ambience complete with a bright décor and an abundance of natural light, which is a major plus. The café steers clear of too many frills and remains to the point with a simple yet contemporary set up of low tables and plush couches. Adding to the liveliness of the whole set up is a bright elephant mural for all your #selfie moments.


The Food

In the restaurant’s own words, the menu packs everything right from “the aromas effervescent of the by lanes of Bangkok to the fresh whiff of the culinary genius nestled away in the hills of the North”. And rightly so, the menu is an exciting collection of cuisines from across the globe, including Italian, Thai, Chinese, and Mughlai among many others. And the best part? Much like its ambience, the food too is classic and comforting.

Basically, the restaurant has picked the best of comfort foods from the world and strung it together in one delightful menu. Here’s all that we tried out at our maiden visit to this café!


What We Had:

Stunning Spaghetti (Chicken)

Given its name, the stunning spaghetti did not disappoint at all. Tossed in a cheesy red sauce, this noodle pasta preparation was wholesome, saucy, and high on the chicken content. The chicken chunks were uber delicious and the portion size too was sumptuous.


Heisenberg Sandwich

The Heisenberg Sandwich draws major inspiration from – you guessed it – Walter White, a.k.a., Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. However, the sandwich is anything but toxic and, on the contrary, is a great pick for the calorie conscious. The snack boasts of fresh greens, saucy meats, and gooey cheese sandwiched between whole wheat breads, making it an excellent and healthy choice!


Thai Yellow Curry

Adding a touch of Asian culinary excellence to the menu was the Thai Yellow Curry, which was a sheer delight in every sense. The preparation was bang on with it’s fresh greens, chunky chicken, and creamy rich curry that boasted of comforting zests of galangal, lemon grass, fresh basil, and just the right amount of chili.


Oh Po!

The Oh Po! was a stimulating mocktail crafted around Himalaya water using orange extracts, which was paired refreshingly well with mint. Served in a towering glass, this fruit orange drink was a much-needed succor after battling the brutal Delhi summer!


In Conclusion

Another thing to look forward to – apart from the food and swift service – is the happiness machine that aims at bringing back some love and happiness to the world one handwritten letter at a time. That’s right; put your phone down for a moment and write out a letter to anyone on this planet and the restaurant will have it posted on your behalf! How totally cool is that?

In conclusion, we’d like to say that Chef’s World is the kind of place you go to after a long hard day at work or just to hangout with some great food and drinks that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We recommend it for the fitness fanatics as well, looking at its fair selection of healthy grubs. All in all, there’s something for every palate!


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