Khloé Kardashian Rings In Her New Single Life With A Driver’s License Cake

Social butterfly and TV personality Khloé Kardashian recently parted ways with former NBA star Lamar Odom, her husband of seven years. And in addition to her new found “freedom” and single life comes a change in her legal identity as well. along with the marital status, Khloé also dropped the “Odom” title and went back to her maiden name, a fact that sister Kim Kardashian-West and Khloé’s assistants found worthy of celebrating with a cake shaped like Khloé’s new driver’s license.Khloé Kardashian Rings In Her New Single Life With A Driver's License Cake

Aww. And trust Kim to tweak the cake-license for the better. The dessert featured all the details of the license holder, only with Khloé’s weight noted as “skinny bitch” because of recent 70 lbs. weight loss and her address as “13 Freedom Lane” because you know why!

“You guys, look what Khloé’s assistants got for her because she got a new passport without her old last name. It’s her new last name,” Kim said in a Snapchat video about the cake, which had “Happy Name Change!” written at the bottom in frosting. And seemingly unmoved (good for her!) by the major change in her life, Khloé can heard chiming “It’s a good day!” in the background.Khloé Kardashian Rings In Her New Single Life With A Driver's License Cake

Khloe Kardashian settled her divorce from ex-husband Lamar Odom in December after seven years of marriage. She’d filed for divorce in 2013, but called it off soon after, following Odom’s overdose episode. But in late 2016, the former couple’s divorce was finalized after a seemingly endless back-and-forth. Kardashian is currently dating NBA player Tristan Thompson.