April 3, 2017
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KhaoChatPata.Com Brings Upwas/Vrat Falahari Special Range and Discount coupons for Chaitra Navratri

This Navratri energized yourself with Khaochatpata.Com varat-upwas Falari Mixture Chevda range.

Kahochatpata the online Namkeen and Sweet store indulges in delivering namkeen and sweet throughout the Country, announces discount coupons on their Varat Special farali range for Devotees on this Chaitra Navratri ie from 28th March to 5 April.

Chaitra or Vasant Navratri Celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga it culminates on Ram Navmi, the ninth day. The devotees perform Puja and observe Fast/Upwas throughout nine days. People eat only satvik food.

Director, Akhilesh Maheshwari, states “khaochatpata.Com keeping the norms of Navratri in mind presents the range of Upwas food along with special Discount Coupons. We have provided two coupons, firstly, the 50% cash back scheme in form of Chatpata Cash and FREE Shipping of Upwas falahari Mixture throughout the Country, with applied conditions”

People can avail these offers from 28th March on wards on khaochatpata.com and can observe their Fast/Varat or Upwas divinely fully in accordance with stated food norms.

Check out the range of Varat Special Falahari for Navratri on – http://www.khaochatpata.com/falahari

Aloo Upvas Chiwda – The chiwda from Akaash ke Namkeen, ideal for all those fasting days. This Fariyali chiwda made with Alu (potato), poopy seeds and peanuts, is so yummy that you will love to fast for it 😉 Order online on khaochatpata.com and get it delivered across India.

Aaloo Falari Mixture – Aaloo Fariyali Charkha specially for people who love spicy food. http://www.khaochatpata.com/jmb-aaloo-fariyali-charkha.html

Sabudana Fariyali – The yummy falahari treat made of Sabudana Fariyali. Have during your fast to get all required energy. http://www.khaochatpata.com/sabudana-fariyali-mixture.html

Sabudana Khichdi Mixture – Enhance your Sabudana Khichdi with this mixture, along with peanuts to provide you with the best proteins.

Badam Lachha – Falahari Offering from Agrawal’s Delight, Badam Lachha is a mixture made of Badam (Almonds) and Potato. The mixture is rich in taste since only best of spices and condiments are used and leave an unforgettable mark with the consumer.

About KhaoChatpata.Com
KhaoChatpata.Com displaying multiple range of Namkeens and sweets from all reputed brands of Indore, Ratlam, Bikaner and other famous places to satisfy the urge of Chatpata Namkeens to all Namkeen and sweets lovers spread through out the Country. Khaochatpata.com professionals provide a fast and convenient connection between stores and customers

Visit: http://www.khaochatpata.com
Call : 91-7024158888
Whatsapp : +91-7024158899.

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Khao Chatpata

Khao Chatpata