KFC’s Range Of Holiday Gifts Is A Christmas Marvel

With Christmas less than a fortnight (and hardly 10 business days) away, it’s time we start putting together our presents to gift family and friends over the holidays. And if you’re in a major fix, like us, over what to place under the tree, here’s a life saver – Kentucky Fried Chicken just launched its line of gifting items!

This is not drill! It is happening and soon we can all adorn our living room, closet, and dining tables with KFC-themed stuff. God bless the Colonel!


What Do We Have Here?

After wow-ing us with a line of clothing, KFC has now revealed a range that prides itself with merchandises including the likes of apparel, tableware, home linen, and more. And the best part is that you don’t have to shell out a fortune because there is something that fits every kind of budget.

So what do we have here? Starting from $4, the collection carries small collectibles like an 8-bit pin collection and KFC-themed stickers, as well as vintage-style apparel, including a long-sleeved t-shirt that features “Colonel Santa,” the chicken chain’s answer to the classic ugly sweater, and the cozy “Escape Pod” among others. Further, if you want to translate your love fried chicken into home décor, there are also plush cushion covers featuring a variety of vintage and pop prints.

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“Our finger lickin’ faithful deserve to celebrate the holidays by giving and receiving some fried chicken essentials,” said George Felix, director of advertising, KFC U.S. “The second round of KFC Ltd. has it all, even the wrapping paper. You’ll spend less time shopping, leaving you more time to enjoy a $20 Fill Up with your family this holiday season.”

KFC’s limited edition gifting range will be available only till 15th December, so get set Christmas shopping at kfclimited.com.


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