KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is The Star Of DC Comic’s Latest Comic

Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of popular American fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has taken another step into the world of popular culture fame; DC Comics has just cast the Colonel as a superhero in one of their latest comic books.

The Story Of Colonel Sanders

Born in September 1980, Colonel Sanders had numerous jobs including being a farmer, railroad fireman, an insurance salesman and a streetcar conductor before he began a service station in Kentucky that became immensely popular for its delicious food. The fried chicken, made with a pressure fryer instead of a pan fryer was his signature dish, which later went on to become the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken.


At 65 years old, the Colonel closed up his restaurant and went on to travel through America selling franchise rights for the chicken in a collection of other restaurants. For each chicken sold in these franchise restaurants, he received a nickel.


Eventually, when there were around 600 franchise outlets, Colonel Sanders sold his interest in KFC to a group investors for $2 million.

Colonel Sanders In Popular Culture

Because of his fried chicken recipe and legendary success, as well as thanks to his iconic appearance (white goatee, white suit), the Colonel has made several appearances in popular culture. Last year, KFC released a limited edition graphic novel staring the Colonel, which tracked his journey towards founding KFC.

At around the same time, a video game called ‘ColnelQuest’ was also released, where players have to navigate through the Colonel’s life until he founded KFC; one level involves bouncing babies of a trampoline (as he spent a few years as an obstetrician) while another level involves a courtroom brawl, that marks the Colonel’s time as a lawyer. 


Yet another development involved Colonel Sanders giving navigational instructions on traffic App Waze which had him imparting advice like “pothole on the road ahead. I’d fill it with gravy.”

KFC: The Colonel Corps

Now, DC Comics has taken the icon more mainstream with the release of ‘KFC: The Colonel Corps’, a comic which has the Colonel travelling through different realities to piece together his secret fried chicken recipe.


In the comic, the Colonel wakes up in one world to find that he can only recall one of the eleven herbs in the recipe. Visited by another version of himself, he realizes that Colonels from different realities only remember one herb for the recipe and so he must travel through each world to uncover the full combination of herbs which make the delicious fried chicken. In his journeys, he meets various versions of himself including ‘Detective Colonel Harland Sanders’ , a member of the Gowtham city police force and a chicken Colonel Sanders.


Confused? Us too. The only way to alleviate your doubts and know the full story is to get your hands on one of the comic books – stay tuned for more.