KFC Is Running A Football Challenge On Instagram This Season

Both the college championships and the NFL playoffs are just around the corner and fast food chain, KFC has come up with a novel way to get fans excited.  Come January 4th, the brand will launch a football video game on Instagram, which Wieden + Kennedy helped them create.

The Kentucky Fried Football Challenge

The social media game, named the Kentucky Fried Football Challenge will have 31 animations and need 35 Instagram accounts to complete.


The game will start on KFC’s Isntagram page, where the images will be arranged to create a football field. Players select the ‘Start Here’ button and then choose the play they want. After this, they are taken to a football field which will show them where their ball is. Based on this, they can choose their next few moves, hopefully scoring a touchdown.


The Kentucky Fried Football Frenzy uses Instagram’s native features in a creative and hilarious way that hopefully entertains fans for hours on en,” said George Felix, the director of advertising for KFC US.

Keep an eye on KFC’s Instagram page on the  4th to see when you can start playing.



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